Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Jolt for free?

    Yes, just download the app, register your details on the Jolt website and receive a free activation code to activate the app.

  • How do I get an activation code?

    Visit the Jolt website at enter a few personal and vehicle details (this will help us compile your personalised report in the event of an incident) and you will receive an activation code. You will be asked for this when opening the app.

  • Why do you need me to supply personal details?

    Your details will be stored on Jolt’s server to help us compile your personal report in the event of an incident, everything your insurance company will need to speedily process your claim. Jolt will not share these with third parties for marketing purposes; your details are safe with us.

  • What data is collected as I drive?

    Once activated, Jolt records a looped video from the forward looking camera as well as tracking your position using GPS and monitoring the phones accelerometers to detect an impact.

    In the event of an incident Jolt automatically records your location, downloads the current weather conditions and halts the video recording so no data is overwritten.

    Jolt isn’t a telematics box assessing your performance. Once your journey has ended the information is discarded.

  • Will the video use up the free storage space on my smart phone?

    No, Jolt is specially designed to protect the precious free space on your mobile device. Jolt loops 2 minutes of video, continuously overwriting previous video, which means the app will never take up increasing amounts of space on your phone.

  • How do I use the app?

    Just place the phone into a windscreen mount, open the app and press the activate button. Once your journey is complete, press the Stop button. The app can be used in landscape or portrait; however, we recommend landscape for a wider view of the road ahead.

  • Does Jolt automatically detect if I’ve had an accident?

    Yes, whilst you drive Jolt is constantly monitoring your device’s accelerometers, it will detect and activate if you have an accident.

    Extensive testing means Jolt is set up to only detect bumps and jolts over a certain threshold and will not activate when driving over a pothole or speed bump. However, it may miss very light car-park bumps or near misses, don’t worry though you can manually inform Jolt you have had an incident by pressing the Report Incident button.

  • How does the app help me after an incident?

    Once Jolt has detected an incident has occurred, the app will give you the option of calling the emergency services and help you by providing your location.

    After this Jolt provides you with roadside assistance to collect all the data your insurance company needs, including third party details, photographs, injuries etc. ensuring you don’t miss anything you might need for your claim.

    You can also make voice recordings instead as you may be feeling too shaken to type.

  • How do I get access to the collected data after an incident?

    After submitting your incident in the Jolt app, all the data is forwarded to the Jolt server where a personalised incident report is created for you.

    If you are a subscriber you have full access to this report including the video and photographs.

    If you haven’t yet subscribed don’t worry, you can buy the report for a one off fee.

  • Can I play music while using Jolt?

    Yes, Jolt is not affected by playing or streaming music over Bluetooth from your mobile device.

  • What happens if I receive a phone call while using Jolt?

    Due to a smart phone firmware it is not possible to record using Jolt and receive a phone call at the same time. If, whilst using Jolt, you receive a call, Jolt will pause recording and will automatically recommence on completion of the call. Alternatively, if Jolt is switched back to the foreground whilst a phone call is taking place Jolt will continue to work.

  • Will Jolt use up my battery life more quickly?

    Yes, this is unavoidable therefore we recommend your mobile device is charging while Jolt is in use for all but short journeys.

  • Does Jolt have to run on the screen to work, can I minimise it?

    Jolt must run in the foreground (i.e. on the screen) to work. We have introduced a night-time button to darken the screen in low light conditions.

    Watch out for version 2 “swipe to blank screen” function coming soon as part of our continuous improvement commitment.